Dear Anne

Anne its kinda like the girl of my dreams , She is the lady of my dreams since 2008 thats mean i was only 14 years old , I wrote to her three messages in my life every message take one page .
 Dear Anne ..

My number 1 fan
I write with the light from the lamp on my nightstand
 with my pen in my right hand
ink on the white pad 
and I’m thinking of life, Anne
and wrong and right, Anne
and sometimes I’m right
and sometimes I might 
can I find the light?
still my rhymes are bright
so I continue my plan
and I’m (shore) like white sand
adore, so I cant ignore
what I want anymore
so I just go, you can call me the Gore
and yeh, the relationship is starting to feel like a chore
but I really hope I’m not starting to bore.
page 1. 

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Living’ life in the fast lane
Moving’ at the speed of life and I can’t slow down
Only got a gallon in the gas tank
But I’m almost at the finish line, so I can’t stop now

I don’t really know where I’m headed, just enjoying’ the ride
Just gon’ roll ’til I drop and ride ’til I die
I’m livin’ life in the fast lane


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